What qualifications do your staff hold?

All staff are appropriately qualified and/or experienced to carry out their work. contact us for more details.

Are you insured?

Yes, Will The Tree Man holds both public and employer’s liability of £5 million. Details are available on request.

What area do you cover?

Mainly Lincolnshire, but we also regularly carry out work in the surrounding area, We do travel further: if we are needed, we can travel anywhere.

Are you a large company?

No. We deal with any size of tree and most sizes of contract, but usually you will deal with only one person, William Tarrant

How much will it cost?

Cost is dependent on many factors: size of tree, location of site, location of tree on site.

Do you provide a free quotation?

Yes. In the vast majority of cases. If it is any different this will be agreed before the visit. Contact us to arrange a visit.

Who will come to give the quotation?

William Tarrant, director of Will The Tree Man.

Will you provide a written quotation?

Yes, unless agreed otherwise.

Will the cost change?

No. A quotation, as opposed to an estimate, is a fixed price, subject to the job specification not changing and some particular exemptions

Who will come to carry out the work?

In 90 per cent of cases Willaim Tarrant will be on site, accompanied by a minimum of one other team member. In the 10% of cases where William is not present, regular team members will be used.

Do you work to a British Standard?

The British Standard for normal tree works is BS3998: 2010 (updated from 1989). The title of the publication is ‘Tree work – Recommendations, ‘– as such The Good Tree Company follows these standards wherever appropriate. All trees and situations being different these Standards are not written in granite but provide a good basis for much of what we do.

Do I need permission from the Council? What about Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas?

Some trees are protected and some are not. Will The Tree Man can advise on investigating this, or can carry out this investigation for you. If the trees are protected, we will make the appropriate application or notification if instructed by the client.

What about wildlife using the tree?

This can be discussed with Will The Tree Man and appropriate action taken.

Do you take everything away?

In most circumstances we do. If you would like to retain some logwood or woodchip this can also be arranged.

Questions not answered? Please contact us to ask it.