The skilled staff at Will The Tree Man, led by respected tree surgeon William Tarrant, are dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of trees, wherever they are. So when trees become a problem, the team at Will The Tree Man is well equipped to provide practical but caring advice and service – quality workmanship that continues to pay dividends for years to come.

With vast experience in all areas of tree maintenance, Will The Tree Man serves the Lincolnshire domestic market, as well as utility companies, industrial and government projects. Strict attention to quality control, high work practice standards, and an impressive safety management record, has resulted in Will The Tree Man’s reputation as one of the Counties leading tree maintenance organisations.

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“Tree Surgery is the encompassing skill title for an Arborist who, are trained professionals educated in the correct pruning, treatment and repair of large woody perennials.”

At Will The Tree Man we offer a range of Tree services to accommodate any situation and the needs of our clients from removing that pesky Gum tree dropping honkey nuts on your car to saving that beautiful Claret Ash from pests and diseases! The following is the list of services we offer;



Hire a Stump Removal Professional Today and Remove that Unsightly Stump

Give Will The Tree Man A CALL TODAY for stump removal work consultation, Will The Tree Man will generally take care of all the business.

Will The Tree Man is fully certified and fully qualified so you’re in good hands. Will The Tree Man – Knowledge, expertise, and certified to the highest standard. From a private projects or a commercial site projects, No project is too big or too small for us. PLEASE GIVE US A CALL NOW for a free no obligation quote.


A hedge can hold a number of aesthetic and practical benefits for a property. When beautifully trimmed, it is the classic way to give an outdoor area a touch of class and the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden. It can also provide valuable privacy for your home and protect your garden from the elements.

The team at Will The Tree Man will give your hedge the perfect shape and finish. From small, simple box hedges to elaborately sculpted flowering shrubs – we have considerable expertise in working with hedges of all types and sizes and can produce a result that both complements and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property.

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